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panele fotowoltaiczne

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  • Dach zbudowany z energii panele fotowoltaiczne
  • panele fotowoltaiczne
  • panele fotowoltaiczne
  • Gwarantujemy do 40% energii więcej! panele fotowoltaiczne
  • Hybrydowy panel grzewczy panele fotowoltaiczne
  • Inwertery i magazyny energii panele fotowoltaiczne
  • Wysokowydajne panele mono i poli
    w dowolnej konfiguracji
    panele fotowoltaiczne
  • Hybryda – energia elektryczna
    i ciepła woda
    w tym samy czasie
    panele fotowoltaiczne
  • Małe elektrownie wiatrowe panele fotowoltaiczne
Zapraszamy na nasze szkolenie 09-11.09.2015, szczegóły po kliknęciu w link:
Akademia Solar Energy

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About us

Solar-Energy S.A. is one of Poland’s pioneers in both photovoltaic module production and the promotion of the sun as a source of natural energy.

At the turn of 2010/2011, Solar-Energy’s production capacity will have reached 130 thousand modules with a total of 35 MW per annum. In 2011, we will double our capacity and increase production to 70 MW. Our strategy is to maintain the prices of our modules at a relatively low level. Solar-Energy employs an expert team of specialists and collaborates with Polish trade associations and research institutions, including the Polish Academy of Sciences in Cracow and the Gdańsk University of Technology. Next to production, we carry out research, development and design and contribute our know-how to the endorsement of photovoltaics in Poland.

Solar-Energy’s PV modules have a power output of 240 Wp. Bespoke power rating modules are available on request. In the near future, higher powered PV modules will be introduced in regular production. Silicon photoelectric cells supplied by manufacturers of high quality and high power efficiency products are the basis for our PV modules. Quality-wise, our modules are comparable to products from leading PV manufacturers, while being notably competitive in terms of pricing. Once mounted on dedicated support structures and equipped with electronics, our PV modules become a source of electric energy.

At Solar-Energy, PV module production is an automated process, with the technological line manufactured by a global leader and expert in equipment for such purposes. This technology largely eliminates direct human involvement which, therefore, concerns mainly an analysis of the production process parameters, forecast testing and planning/logistics measures.

                               tel. +48 22 487 51 78

email: biuro@solar-energy.pl


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